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Thoughts on launching a book on bugs

A few thoughts on what it has been like to launch, like a leaping flea, into the world of book interviews, talks and podcasts on Rebugging the Planet.

Admittedly it’s not been a hard graft to spend time talking about something I love. And most interviewers (especially the Sustainababble crew) are fun to talk to. I’ve probably done about 12, and written at least 15 articles so far. I even found myself advising the good folk of Wisconsin, USA, on live radio how to deal with tick problems. A few observations:

  1. I was right. People do. Like. bugs. And do get the Rebugging your attitude idea real quick. Only a few bugs are a problem. Love or at least respect the rest.
  2. I am a bit shocked at how much I forgot to put in the book. Exciting interactions with bugs I only recalled after the book went to the printers and folk starting interviewing me. It was their questions that opened the dark tunnels of my mind. A termite would have found this far quicker.
  3. I hope everyone realises that the bleak ‘what if we don’t stop harming the bugs’ bit at the beginning is short. I quickly get positive in
  4. Its been rewarding to be asked about the hard stuff – why on earth talk about poverty and inequality and politics. It’s my bread and butter and we need more people engaged on politics and power. Lobbying can make steps. Movements make real change and lead to change the bold actions by governments everywhere.
  5. Many people want to know what they can do in their garden.. If everyone with a garden or yard did do something … I have calculated we’d create 50% more* space for bugs (the green corridors, food, refuges, healthy soil, mating and nesting hideouts they need etc).
  6. I am no photographer. Seriously. I have no skills. But I’ve loved sharing the pics I’ve taken with my smartphone in my garden to new audiences and encouraging everyone to snap, zoom in, and see how beautiful, funny, and extraordinarily designed bugs are.

It’s sobering to write this on the eve of the mega international United Nations climate summit (COP26) in Glasgow in November 2021. This huge event will, in many ways, determine the fate of the human race, and much of the natural world. Good luck to all the negotiators, activists, protestors going there. Leaders could get it so wrong.. too little action too late so the weather extremes, sea level rise and more all happen more and faster… or they could push the wrong actions that fail and/or create more problems than they solve (industrial biomass I am looking at you).

Climate crisis is something we can all now take action on. We can also all get rebugging – help the biodiversity side of the equation. Lots of tips in all parts of my book and great organisations to ask in the last chapter.

Do come hear me at Stamfords, London on 11 November or winter Hay in Wales 28th and more to come.

Nb Time zones. Arggg. When doing US interviews across several time zones – and add in our daylight savings…well a few almost missed recordings But thanks to Annie at OTB I can use this world time buddy now.

*not really.